Hi, I’m Chris, I am a designer, photographer, videographer, illustrator, and animator. Throughout my career, I have provided my print and digital design skills to numerous clients and marketing departments. I am continuing to grow daily; strengthening my creative and coding abilities, building strong relationships and welcoming new opportunities. Below you will find some of my recent designs for the web, print , email, and social media marketing.


If you would like to contact me, please email me at contact@christophertierney.com.

Recent Projects

Digital/Social Media Ads

Sample digital ad for medical company.
Sample digital ad for medical company.
Sample digital ad for medical company.
Sample digital ad for medical company.
Site graphic for Memorial Day sales event.


Andrea Mendes

Chris Tierney is a very well organized guy. He has experience in all aspects of the digital marketing arena and keeps up with marketing trends in order to improve performance. He is a good communicator, knows how to manage time very effectively, and works well with others in the department....See more


Eddie R. Najeeullah

I worked with Chris for 6 years at The Sun. He was and is a very accomplished webmaster and developer. We had the pleasure of developing many revenue based projects for our sales departments. His knowledge of online, sales and systems makes him a very strong commodity in the media, publishing...See more


Michael Sheehan

I have had the pleasure of working with Chris for more than 15 years. Chris has been on the fore front with website designing, and digital ad building for Lowell Sun group for many years. Chris also took some lead roles when we were building our e-edition replica of the daily newspapers. Chris has also expanded into editorial building digital stories...See more


James Campanini

In working with Chris for nearly a decade at The Lowell Sun, where I was editor, I found Chris Tierney to be knowledgeable, creative and resourceful in leading our digital and IT efforts. I could always count on him to perform simple and complex tasks in an effective,professional manner. In a medium-sized newsroom, em... See more

Print Design

Email Marketing

In store display for Fall sales event.
Email design to go out to all customers who visited the dealership but didn't purchase.

Web Design

For seventeen years I was the Webmaster for Lowellsun.com which went through a couple redesigns. I was responsible for the daily updating of its desktop and mobile sites.
Designed and built bands website to highlight upcoming shows and display past perfrormances
Designed and built local pizza shop website along with all its social media channels
Wireframe design for Gallery of Homes website.
Website pop up with working countdown clock.
Designed and built website based off the life of Jack Kerouac which won first place prize by the NENPA
Site design for local business.
High School football site for streaming live football games.
Newspaper community blog site.

Social Media Pages / Posts


Illustrations / Storyboards

Digital illustration of Lowell
Digital illustration of Lowell
Storyboard for potential commercial idea.
Digital illustration of Lowell
Storyboard for TV commercial.
Digital illustration
Digital illustration of Lowell


Logo concepts for GrapefullyYours.Live

Newspaper Photos

Front page photo and video for local newspaper
Front page photo and video for local newspaper
hit run

Newspaper Lifestyle Feature - "Remember When?"

Researched and wrote weekly feature called "Remember When" for local paper.
Weekly lifestyle feature written for The Sun Newspaper